Professor Ruth Oniang'o


Dr. Ruth Oniang’o, winner of the 2017 African Food Prize, has kindly accepted our invitation to become Patron of the Agripreneurship Alliance.

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Anne Roulin


Across her career, Dr Anne Roulin has worked in academia, in the private sector (for Tetra Pak and Nestlé) and as an entrepreneur, in the UK, Switzerland, the USA, Italy and France.

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Steven Carr


CEO & Co-founder of the Agripreneurship Alliance, who grew up in a farming family. Steve, has professional background in community development and education with a focus on preparing young adults to enter the workforce and societies in conflict.

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Stuart Kennedy

Training Officer

Stuart believes that young adults are powerful innovators & change agents. Throughout his career, he has empowered young adults to enable them to challenge old ideas and practices so that they may change not only their own futures but also that of their families and the wider community.

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Kamile Janulyte

Finance Officer

Kamile is an Economics major who has gained extensive experience in the FMCG sector over the past 7 years,ranging from Project Management, to auditing and Business Strategy.

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Jimena Perez

Support officer

Jimena is an international business professional with more than 15 years experience in management roles in the FMCG industry.

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