Kamile Janulyte
Finance Officer

Kamile is an Economics major who has gained extensive experience in the FMCG sector over the past 7 years,ranging from Project Management, to auditing and Business Strategy.

Kamile joins Agripreneurship Alliance from Philip Morris Products SA in Switzerland. Having obtained her Master of Science in Economics at HEC Lausanne, Kamile worked at Philip Morris for 7 years in various positions, ranging from Product Development, Product Commercialization, Quality and Operations Strategy. Kamile is originally from Lithuania but has lived in Switzerland most of her life. She is enthusiastic about collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds, speaks 4 languages and has a curious approach to life.Driven by her curiosity and will to challenge the status-quo, after having gained a deep and global understanding of the business world, she now joins Agripreneurship Alliance to start a new challenge and contribute to the NGO’s business strategy.