The Agripreneurship Alliance is a membership based non-profit 'Association' established in Montreux and as such is subject to Swiss legal frameworks.  

The membership has a key function in the transparent operation of the association and oversees strategy and finance through General Assembly.  In addition the membership elects an Executive Assembly which implements the decisions of the General Assembly.  It conducts the Association and takes all necessary measures to ensure that the stated purpose of the Association is attained.  The Executive Committee for 2019:

President:  Dr Anne Roulin
Treasurer:  Valerie Hanbali
Secretary:  Charlotte Roulin
Member:    Makeba Magambo
Member:    Bora Kizil

The Agripreneurship Alliance is supported by an independent Advisory Panel that provides challenge and support to the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Office.  The Advisory Panel for 2019 includes:

Angelique Pitteloud
Jeremy McTeague
Maurice Maloney
Vytaute Tatter

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member of the Agripreneurship Alliance.