Supporting African Youths

in Agriculture.

Agcelerate Lab 2020

Agcelerate Lab 2020
Growing over 200 Youth Agripreneurs in Uganda

Youth unemployment rates are as high as 64% in Uganda, yet with 80% of the population involved in agriculture, and soaring food imports into Africa there are huge opportunities for new agribusinesses. The Marula Talent Agency, Agripreneurship Alliance, SLU and several Universities in Uganda are training young people in Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness to help them create their own businesses to generate income and employment. We particularly support young women and social enterprises.

The Challenge
Africa already imports 35 billion USD of food every year and this is expected to increase to 110 billion USD by 2025. The opportunities for agriculture and agribusinesses are enormous. Meanwhile, Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, with 78% below 30 years old. However, youth account for 60% of the unemployed. Ugandan youth can fulfill a market gap if trained with the right skills that ensure they can become entrepreneurs and job creators.

A Solution
Ruth and Francisca, from Gulu University, participated in the AGCELERATE LAB in 2019 and they are each starting businesses to reduce waste from cassava production, and growing mushrooms. AGCELERATE is a multi-stakeholder partnership for innovation and co-creation of sustainable agribusinesses. The AGCELERATE LAB in August 2020 will include Agripreneurship training, a Boot Camp and the private sector, farms, and successful agribusinesses. The 2020 theme is "Agribusiness in a Changing Climate."

Long-Term Impact
Since 2017, AGCELERATE has been the breeding ground to stimulate Agripreneurship and a supportive eco-system. Ritah & Harbert won 3-month internships on German farms. Pelagia & Hillary have been accepted for the highly competitive Tony Elumelo Entrepreneurship programme. Ambrose went to a 6-week young leaders training in the USA. Steven's wine business is expanding significantly. This year, the AGCELERATE LAB in Uganda will target 200 students. Will you help young people grasp the opportunities?

How you can help
Please consider supporting Agcelerate 2020 a success by making a small donation at Global Giving and sharing the fund raising campaign with colleagues, family and friends. We know that this is a worrying time for all, but we continue to plan for the future, hoping for the best and your support, no matter how small, will have a real impact on the life of young African entrepreneurs. Thank you...


Welcome to the home page of the Agripreneurship Alliance.  This is the first stage of developing a website that will act as a portal to and a repository of information, tools and resources designed to support young adults become entrepreneurs in Agriculture and Agribusiness.

The Agripreneurship Alliance is a partnership drawn from around the world including Business, Universities and Non Governmental Organisations (NGO's) who all have a shared vision of thriving rural communities that are supported by successful youth-driven businesses within the local and global food system.

The Agripreneurship Alliance launched as an Swiss-based non-profit Association, based in Montreux, in August 2017. We have an exciting future ahead of us as we work with our partners to develop web-based tools, resources and courses that can be used in training institutions and universities across sub-Saharan Africa.

A core focus has been to work with partners to develop a unique cloud-based agripreneurship programme that will take the budding agripreneur through the business start-up process and develop a suite of business start-up guides to help inspire and guide young Agripreneurs.  In addition, we will build a network of experts who are willing to share their knowledge by responding to 'Ask the Expert' type requests from young Agripreneurs and also recruit a team of volunteers who can share their skills and experience to support young Agripreneurs develop their business ideas through short-term coaching and mentoring.  

In 2018 we were delighted to work with SIANI and our partners at Egerton and Laikipia Universities (Kenya), Gulu University and IITA Kampala (Uganda) and ISTVS (Somaliland) to roll-out a pilot 'Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness' blended learning course to enable students to develop high quality business plans within the agrifood sector.  

After reviewing the impact of this pilot, we worked hard to review and re-design the "Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness" programme to better meet the needs of participants and institutions. This course is now being taught in several universities in Uganda, Kenya and Somaliland and is being offered, for the first time, as an online course for individual remote study.

Why Agripreneurship?

The continent of Africa is at an exciting and challenging point in its economic development but continues to face such challenges as poverty, malnutrition, conflict, climate change and a growing youth population.  

However, there are significant local and global strategic initiatives that aim to address such issues, including the Sustainable Development Goals, the African Union's Agenda 2063 Framework and the African Development Banks’ Feed Africa strategy.  

It is worth recognising that:
 In 2015, 226 million youth aged 15-24 lived in Africa, accounting for 19 per cent of the global youth population (UN, 20151)
 10 million youth enter Africa’s labour market annually.
 Youth is defined as people between the ages of 15 (exclusive) and 35 (inclusive).
 By 2020, three out of four Africans will be an average of 20 years old.
 Youth unemployment rate in sub-Saharan Africa is about 12%.
 Only 16% of youth have a ‘wage job’, while 62% work on family farms and 22% in household enterprises.
 At the US$2/day level, the working poverty rate was about 64 % in 2013 (YAP, 20162)
 The average age of farmers in Africa is about 55 years (WTO, 20153)
Why Agripreneurship?



To promote and stimulate youth driven entrepreneurship in agriculture and agribusiness within developing economies.


  • To encourage and support young adults to become the farmers of tomorrow through choice rather than necessity
  • To inspire young entrepreneurs to establish food-based businesses thus supporting the development of the wider rural community eco-system
  • To encourage new and novel approaches in locally based food systems that consider local opportunities and the challenges of climate change, conflict and malnutrition
  • To contribute to local and global food security


  • Build a multi-sectoral partnership to support and engage in activities to fulfil mission
  • Design an online platform that will support in-person training programmes and individual young agripreneurs to acquire business skills specifically related to the early stages of business design and creation within agriculture and agribusiness
  • Develop an online course that can be embedded into in-person training programmes to enhance business skills acquisition specifically related to the early stages of business design and creation within agriculture and agribusiness
  • Establish a team of experienced volunteers who are available to mentor young agripreneurs


The Agripreneurship Alliance is a membership based non-profit 'Association' established in Montreux and as such is subject to Swiss legal frameworks.  

The membership has a key function in the transparent operation of the association and oversees strategy and finance through General Assembly. In addition the membership elects an Executive Assembly which implements the decisions of the General Assembly. It conducts the Association and takes all necessary measures to ensure that the stated purpose of the Association is attained. The Executive Committee for 2019:

President:  Dr Anne Roulin
Treasurer: Valerie Hanbali
Secretary: Charlotte Roulin
Member:    Makeba Magambo
Member:    Bora Kizil
Memeber: Ines Burrus

Key People

Professor Ruth Oniang'o


Dr. Ruth Oniang’o, winner of the 2017 African Food Prize, has kindly accepted our invitation to become Patron of the Agripreneurship Alliance.

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Anne Roulin


Across my career, I have worked in academia, in the private sector (Tetra Pak and Nestlé) and as an entrepreneur in the UK, Switzerland, the USA, Italy and France.

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Steven Carr


I am focused on improving the life chances of young adults with particular experience on those living in conflict and/or poverty within a Community Development framework.

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Stuart Kennedy

Training Officer

I believe that young adults are powerful innovators & change agents. I work to empower young adults to enable them to challenge old ideas and practices so that they may change not only their own futures but also that of their families and the wider community.

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Innocent Chamisa

Communications & Visibility Officer

Early career international development expert, with a background in Agricultural Sciences, International Development, Natural Resource Management and Development Law, whose work has been centered on policy and promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development practices across the globe, encouraging active participation of youths and women.

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Steven Carr, Agripreneurship Alliance, speaks at SIANI Annual Meeting 2020

Online Course

Online Course Online Course Online Course
Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness
A free online course designed to help you develop your business idea and create a professional standard business plan.

This 10-week online course has been developed by the Agripreneurship Alliance in partnership with the African Management Initiative. The course will enable you to explore the challenges within your community and come up with sustainable business ideas to address them, creating wealth, employment and providing access to nutritious foods while considering the impact of climate change on society and the environment and how your agribusiness can thrive in this changing world.

By participating in this course you will:

•Develop your Unique Value Proposition
•Identify the Market for your product or service
•Establish the Financial Structure of your business
•Devise your Action Plan
•Create a professional standard Business Plan that will support the launch of your agribusiness
•Learn how to pitch and present your business
•Connect with Agripreneurs from around the globe

This course will be available later in 2020, look here or on our facebook page for updates

Business Start Up Guides

Fish Farming

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Pig Farming

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Poultry (Broiler) Farming

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