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To promote and stimulate youth driven entrepreneurship in African agriculture and agribusiness


  • To encourage and support young adults to become the farmers of tomorrow through choice rather than necessity
  • To inspire young entrepreneurs to establish food-based businesses thus supporting the development of the wider rural community eco-system
  • To encourage new and novel approaches in locally based food systems that consider local opportunities and the challenges of climate change, conflict and malnutrition
  • To contribute to local and global food security


  • To work in partnership with a broad range of organisations and institutions to empower and support young African entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector
  • To support the development of capacity within African universities through the sharing of the 'Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness' course and enable its local facilitation through a 'blended learning' approach
  • To support empower young African entrepreneurs through the provision of the 'Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness' course as an enhanced online course
  • To ensure that everyone who completes the 'Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness' course has the opportunity to receive critical feedback on their final business plan