Are you involved in a project working on #climateresilient agriculture that could benefit from intensive capacity building training? Are you interested in participating in the International #Conference for Youth in Agriculture in Bonn, Germany from 10 to 13 of March 2022 to represent your youth-led green and climate-resilient agriculture project? Would you like to benefit from networking with other young leaders and receive mentoring? And are you ready to show the world the power of youth at #COP27 in Egypt? If you're from a "lower or lower-middle income country," then this is your chance to bring your project to the next level!

The International Association of Agriculture and Related Sciences Students (IAAS), is pleased to launch a new #competition to all youth, IAAS members and non-IAAS members. This Youth for Climate-Resilient Agriculture Competition (YCRAC) is organized in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)-- with a deadline of February 5th for submissions. With this competition, we call for projects led by youth, which follow the concept of climate-resilient agriculture. More information about this concept can be found here:

You have until 5 February 2022 at 11:59 p.m. (Amsterdam time) to fill in the Project Template. Eight projects will be selected by the selection committee. One participant from each project will receive a fully-funded return trip to the international conference of youth in agriculture (ICYA) in Bonn, Germany, where capacity-building trainings will start. These trainings will be given by the IAAS Training Committee, consisting out of experienced student trainers and alumni who will provide you trainings to make the next steps in your project. The committee will tailor their training based on your needs. After ICYA, you will get a mentor assigned and there will be monthly online training till this summer. Then, at the World Congress of IAAS (WOCO) in July 2022, two projects will win a fully-funded return trip to COP27 in Egypt to present their work on a global stage.

Are you ready to take part in this challenge? Fill in the project template and send it to

Deadline is 5th February 2022

Eligible countries of origin: 

Nota Bene: IAAS will host a Q&A hour about this competition on Wednesday 26th of January at 13h GMT +1. The link to this stream will be later shared on

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