The Agripreneurship Alliance is joining the rest of the world today to commemorate the World Food Day by celebrating some of own #Foodheroes.                                                             

We implemented a ground-breaking course in 2018, the Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness course enables young African entrepreneurs within the agri-food sector to develop their business ideas and create high-quality business plans. The course was developed in partnership with the African Management Institute and it is held through a blended learning approach, where some lessons are offered through an online platform, ensuring a consistent and quality learning experience, and also in-situ by University partners from East Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Somaliland and Uganda)  

Over 12-weeks, the training takes the budding agripreneur through all the steps to build a solid business plan/canvas to turn their agribusiness ideas into reality. It is applicable to businesses right across the agri-food value chain from primary food production, through processing, packaging and route to market. At the end of the course, participants are encouraged to submit their business plans for review and each is provided with constructive and critical feedback.  The ‘best’’ business plan in each cohort is then awarded a CHF1, 000 business startup award.Joining the World in commemorating the 2021 World Food Day under the theme,” Our Actions are our Future”. The Agripreneurship Alliance have a pleasure to celebrate and highlight some of the young agriperenuers and Food Heroes in Africa, outstanding beneficiaries of the Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness course!

Stories from the field to the world celebrating the #FoodHeroes in East Africa

 EUNICE AMENYA, UGANDA, She first came to the attention of the Agripreneurship Alliance when she participated in a pitching competition at Agcelerate 2019 in Kampala, Uganda. During the event she introduced her amazing coffee that she has developed in partnership with Utamtsi. Continuing to develop her farm, Eunice completed the enhanced online “Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness” course facilitated by the Agripreneurship Alliance for members of the GoGettaz community of young African agri-entrepreneurs. Eunice is increasing the size of her coffee plantation and produces hibiscus tea and works with local women to produce mushroom...Find out more from Eunice here

IBRAHIM HASSAN ISAAK, SOMALILAND- He was a member of the second cohort of the “Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness” course that was facilitated at the IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary Training School in the 2019/20 academic year. Ibrahim and his team have launched a goat fattening business to improve the quality of meat protein that is offered to the local market.. More from Ibrahim and team here 

RITAH NAJJEMBA LUTAYA, an energetic pig farmer from Uganda, she runs her own farm and owns thirty pigs. During the Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness course she received mentorship support and won a prize of $1000 as seed capital. Furthermore, Lutaya developed a business plan and strategy for her business to continue to grow... To find out more watch Rittah Najjemba Lutaya here

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Our Actions are our Future- Celebrating the young agriperenuers and Food Heroes in Africa!

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