Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

11 May

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation would like to highlight two of its projects:

The Africa Agribusiness Academy

Over recent years, many African countries have benefited from sustained periods of economic growth resulting in an increased demand for processed food, with a dynamic agrifood sector now gradually emerging in many African countries. This provides business growth opportunities for local enterprises, specifically small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs). In turn, these enterprises are critical in linking smallholder farmers to food markets, thus providing them with opportunities to benefit from the growing demand for food as well.

In 2010, a group of agrifood entrepreneurs in East Africa took the initiative to launch the Africa Agribusiness Academy (AA Academy) aimed at strengthening individual entrepreneurial capacities with the underlying goal to contribute to economic growth and improvement of rural incomes and food security. The Academy targets agrifood SMEs covering a wide group of businesses ranging from input suppliers, traders, processors to service providers. The members are composed of a selected group of entrepreneurs willing to share experiences and coach others. The Academy shares knowledge and experiences with non-members through its resource portal and services.

More details here

It Takes 2-2 Trade

'It Takes 2-2 Trade' is a tool for assessment and improvement of Farmer-Firm business relations. 

2-2 Trade focuses on bringing the most important perceived strengths and weaknesses within a business relation between farmers and firms to the surface. By facilitated discussion on these perceived strengths and weaknesses, mutual understanding is created between Farmers and Firms. This is followed by joint action planning for improvement and maintenance of the business relation.

The tool was developed by CDI/WUR, Royal Tropical Institute and AgriProFocus. 

The book 'It takes two to trade - Understanding and improving farmer-firm relations in Africa' was released on 24 September 2015 during the 10-year anniversary party of AgriProFocus.

Download a digital copy here

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