Agrifood entrepreneurship is the biggest opportunity in Africa today.
Before the global coronavirus pandemic, we liked to say agribusiness is a trillion-dollar opportunity. Now, everyone on the planet understands that agribusiness truly is a critical industry.
The GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize aims to find Africa’s brightest young agrifood entrepreneurs. We are searching for agribusinesses that bring technology, innovation, and passion to the agriculture and food industries.
YOU could win one of two US$50,000 cash prizes that will help you change your world and transform the agri-food business in Africa.
We need strong agriculture and food businesses to get us through the pandemic and grow our communities and economies when it’s over. We want to support YOUR businesses to become profitable and scale, so you can lead the way
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1st webinar #Entrepreneurship in #Agribusiness course- being offered to the #GoGettaz #agripreneurs

2nd Webinar  #Entrepreneurship in #Agribusiness course- being offered to the #GoGettaz #agripreneurs.

3rd webinar of the #Entrepreneurship in #Agribusiness course is all about identifying your market. 
Afterall, you don't have a business if your don't have a buyer.