Annual Report

05 Mar

The Agripreneurship Alliance is now 6-months old, having launched in August 2017 as a small, Swiss-based non-profit organisation and thanks to our members, partners and friends we have made great strides forwards and we are delighted to share our first Annual Report.

We are delighted that the Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative is supporting us to develop and pilot a cloud-based, blended learning educational course that will support young agripreneurs across East Africa to develop their business ideas. We are very excited to be working with our partners at the African Management Initiative to host a 'Training of Trainer course in Nairobi next week and we have 5 institutions joining us including Gulu University and IITA Kampala (Uganda), Egerton and Laikipia Universities (Kenya) and ISTVS (Somaliland). Each partner will then facilitate a single course of 20 students between April - September 2018, resulting in the completion of 100 high quality business plans that can support the ideation and launch of new businesses within the AgriFood sector.

It is our hope that through this pilot we can demonstrate proof of concept. That a blended learning approach providing business training focused on the completion of a business plan within the context of African AgriFood, can make a significant impact on the establishment of new youth-driven businesses within the AgriFood eco-system. We are happy to explore with other stakeholders within academic, training and value chain sectors how we might then be able to make this programme more widely available to benefit young African agripreneurs and complement existing programmes and activities.

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