Announcing a partnership with SIANI

16 Nov

The Agripreneurship Alliance is proud to announce that we have secured funding from the Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative (SIANI) to pilot a novel cloud-based, blended learning programme in 'Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness'  in East Africa.

We will be working with an 'Expert Group' with members from across Europe and Africa to develop and implement a pilot programme that will be offered to 5 academic institutions in East Africa, each partner will attend a 'training of trainers' programme which will then enable them to offer the course to 20 of their students during 2018.  The course ends with the student having completed a high-quality business plan which clearly articulates their agribusiness idea, outlines the actions steps that they need to follow to start their business and identifies the financial structure for the business and where they can access start-up capital.

Please follow our progress here and reach out to us if you have any questions.

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