An Exploration of Agripreneurship, Scope, Actors and Prospects. Steven Carr & Anne Roulin, June 2016

This research was commissioned as a result of growing interest in the topic of youth-centred Agripreneurship and had the objective to identify the key actors particularly within Academia, Non-Government Organisations and the non-profit sector to help young unemployed, or underemployed, graduates in Africa, or other developing economies, to enter into entrepreneurship in agriculture or agribusiness. The average age of farmers is increasing globally and encouraging a new generation of farmers and agribusinesses is crucial for the future of food and nutrition security. This is particularly critical in many developing countries where there are significant levels of migration of young people from rural to urban areas. Even where they stay in rural areas young people often do not have interest in agriculture as it is practiced today. This approach is also highly relevant within a wider global strategic framework that includes the Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2063, Lesser Developed Countries and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

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Global Alliance for Agripreneurship. Steven Carr, February 2017

This paper recommends the establishment of a Global Alliance for Agripreneurship, as an independent organisation. This will bring together the skills and expertise of global partners to initially focus on the development of a website and allied online course that can be embedded through a blended learning approach into the Young Agripreneur Programme, ENABLE Youth and other programmes such as those at Universities and be accessible to independent young agripreneurs. Such an online presence will provide encouragement, ideas and resources that will support the African agricultural renaissance and work to promote and stimulate youth-driven entrepreneurship in agriculture and agribusiness within developing economies.

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