Growing over 200 Youth Agripreneurs in Uganda

Youth unemployment rates are as high as 64% in Uganda, yet with 80% of the population involved in agriculture, and soaring food imports into Africa there are huge opportunities for new agribusinesses. The Marula Talent Agency, Agripreneurship Alliance, SLU and several Universities in Uganda are training young people in Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness to help them create their own businesses to generate income and employment. We particularly support young women and social enterprises.

The Challenge
Africa already imports 35 billion USD of food every year and this is expected to increase to 110 billion USD by 2025. The opportunities for agriculture and agribusinesses are enormous. Meanwhile, Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, with 78% below 30 years old. However, youth account for 60% of the unemployed. Ugandan youth can fulfill a market gap if trained with the right skills that ensure they can become entrepreneurs and job creators.

A Solution
Ruth and Francisca, from Gulu University, participated in the AGCELERATE LAB in 2019 and they are each starting businesses to reduce waste from cassava production, and growing mushrooms. AGCELERATE is a multi-stakeholder partnership for innovation and co-creation of sustainable agribusinesses. The AGCELERATE LAB in August 2020 will include Agripreneurship training, a Boot Camp and the private sector, farms, and successful agribusinesses. The 2020 theme is "Agribusiness in a Changing Climate."

Long-Term Impact
Since 2017, AGCELERATE has been the breeding ground to stimulate Agripreneurship and a supportive eco-system. Ritah & Harbert won 3-month internships on German farms. Pelagia & Hillary have been accepted for the highly competitive Tony Elumelo Entrepreneurship programme. Ambrose went to a 6-week young leaders training in the USA. Steven's wine business is expanding significantly. This year, the AGCELERATE LAB in Uganda will target 200 students. Will you help young people grasp the opportunities?

How you can help
Please consider supporting Agcelerate 2020 a success by making a small donation at Global Giving and sharing the fund raising campaign with colleagues, family and friends. We know that this is a worrying time for all, but we continue to plan for the future, hoping for the best and your support, no matter how small, will have a real impact on the life of young African entrepreneurs. Thank you...

Agcelerate Lab 2020